Admission Policy


The common goal of both departments is to cultivate technologists who are capable of playing a leading role in society.


Doctoral Program of the Graduate School

[Omission]The program cultivates highly trained, first-class researchers and engineers through creative research activities. These people will be the driving force of tomorrow's science—the creative researchers and engineers who can open up new worlds of possibilities through engineering advances. In particular, they must have a global vision and the ability to take initiatives on an international scale. In view of all this, the program emphasizes a universal methodology of research without getting caught up in excessively narrow specialization. The program aims to train researchers and engineers who can guide others in new directions in engineering through free and flexible thinking about the future, because a diversity of new fields of knowledge is expected to arise, and because disciplines that cross over between sciences and humanities are expected to get stronger.


Masters Program of the Graduate School

This program is designed to train engineers and researchers who can execute "engineering" in the real world and assert leadership in its development. The program aims at providing students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of their field of specialization and exhaustive training on how to conduct research. It is predicted that the economic and industrial structures of the world will become more and more fluid in the future. With this in mind, we put considerable importance on building a strong intellectual foundation, the ability to think flexibly, and a broad perspective, so that program graduates can not only adapt to new industrial structures and technical paradigms that may be significantly different to those of the present time, but also play leading roles in these challenges.

The abovementioned philosophy is perhaps a little too abstract. In more concrete terms, we want to produce researchers who can independently implement their leading-edge research at the highest international level by the time they complete their doctoral program. Engineers will develop the capability to engage in technical development at the highest international level after several years of work experience; furthermore, they will lead the development of academic disciplines and technology in the future, based on a broad vision. Therefore, the masters program is designed to build on the educational foundation built up in undergraduate courses so that students can enhance their expertise as researchers and creative engineers. In addition, the doctoral program is seen as a period in which students mature into self-reliant, independent researchers.