Laboratories and Academic Staff (Electrical Engineering)


Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Advanced Electrical Systems Theory

Yoshihiko SUSUKI [Associate Professor]

Shiu MOCHIYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Fundamentals of Systems
Automatic Control Engineering

Tomomichi HAGIWARA [Professor]

Yohei HOSOE [Junior Associate Professor]

Innovative Systems Theory

Takuya SAKAMOTO [Professor]

Biomedical Engineering
Composite Systems Theory

Shinji DOI [Professor]

Biological Function Engineering

Kazuyoshi YOSHII [Professor]

Yosuke ITO [Junior Associate Professor]

Hiroyuki UEDA [Assistant Professor]

Electromagnetics Engineering
Applied Superconductivity

Naoyuki AMEMIYA [Professor]

Yusuke SOGABE [Assistant Professor]

Electrical and Electromagnetic Circuit

Takashi HISAKADO [Associate Professor]

Electromagnetic Energy Engineering

Tetsuji MATSUO [Professor]

Takeshi MIFUNE [Junior Associate Professor]

Shingo HIRUMA [Assistant Professor]

Advanced Electric Machinery Engineering for Sustaining Global Environment (Endowed Chair)

Taketsune NAKAMURA [Program-Specific Professor]

Cooperating Chair

Chair/Laboratory Academic Staff
Radio Engineering
Space Radio Engineering

Hirotsugu KOJIMA [Professor]

Rei KURITA [Associate Professor] 

Yoshikatsu UEDA [Assistant Professor]

Microwave Energy Transmission

Naoki SHINOHARA [Professor]

Tomohiko MITANI [Associate Professor]

Space Radio Science Simulation

Yusuke EBIHARA [Professor]

Yikai Hsieh [Junior Associate Professor]